Got Some Help From a CoPilot

Google Analytics tells me that some of you are recurring visitors. Well, if that’s you then I’m guessing you noticed that things have changed around here. For several years I rocked the same look but with my 2011 resolution of writing more I also wanted a new tumblelog look. With no time to design and hack something up myself, I turned to a theme called CoPilot. For the next couple of weeks expect this place to be a work in progress as I format it to fit my needs.



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  1. I noticed your site’s new look just the other day. As soon as I saw it, I viewed the source to see what you were using. Very nice!

    Getting ready to add you back to my feed reader, as I’ve started using Google Reader again now that I’ve got a nice app that syncs with it on my iPad.

    Looking forward to following you as you work on that New Year’s resolution. 😉

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