Classified Info: Pal’s Sudden Service Secret Menu

For over 18 years plus a few summers, I lived in Kingsport, TN, headquarters to Pal’s Sudden Service. Not once during those 18 years did anyone mention the Pal’s Secret Menu – until today.

While skimming the I Love Pal’s group pages on Facebook, I stumbled upon a discussion thread asking what everyone liked best on the Secret Menu. For those as sheltered as I am here are the items:

– Dipped Big Pal (meat is dipped in sauce burger sauce)
– Dressed Hot Dog (hot dog with lettuce, tomato and pickle)
– Toasted Cheese (bun reversed grilled cheese with lettuce and tomato)
– Ham & Cheese Breakfast Style (toasted cheese w/ ham)
– Peachy Mello Yellow
– Peachy Sprite

Something tells me there will be a need for stickers and t-shirts proclaiming ones knowledge of this highly classified menu.

More Secret Menu Items: Chili Cheddar Rounds (William)



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  1. I don’t think the peachy beverages are really a secret, because they advertised those for a while. There’s a peachy tea, too.

  2. I never had it, but I hear that at the original Pals in Downtown Kingsport you can get a peanut-butter shake. That is the rumor I have heard, who knows maybe available at any location.

  3. I just recently moved to Gray, TN and had Pal’s for the first time, loved the sauce burger. Went a second time to a JC loc, asked if I could get the Jr Burger with sauce. First was told that it would come with a packet of sauce on the side. No, not what I want. I want a sauce burger with the lettuce, tomato, etc. So, my receipt said ADD SAUCE to the Jr burger, but it was just a Jr Burger in the bag, no sauce. Really disappointed. So what’s the right way to order what I want’? I only want a single burger, not a double. That Jr Burger was nothing special, I think I prefer Wendy’s for their Jr deluxe, but oh, the sauce burger, I must try it again, do they not like to make what isn’t on the menu? I’ll attempt a third visit and next time be clear that I want a sauce burger with all the fixings, see what happens. If they fail to please, they’re out of my life forever. SIGH.

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