Google Analytics tells me that some of you are recurring visitors. Well, if that’s you then I’m guessing you noticed that things have changed around here. For several years I rocked the same look but with my 2011 resolution of writing more I also wanted a new tumblelog look. With no time to design and hack something up myself, I turned to a theme called CoPilot. For the next couple of weeks expect this place to be a work in progress as I format it to fit my needs.

Surpass Hosting caught my eye this week thanks to a tweet from @LissaKay. Claiming some 30,000 customers, Surpass ran a 3-day promotion offering one year of hosting for only $1.00! My frugal mouse-clicking fingers couldn’t resist.

Yesterday, I worked diligently to move to its new home in hopes of providing better uptime and performance to my vast audience of two readers that I entertain on a weekly basis. With my new Power plan I’ll get to enjoy 500GB of storage, unmetered bandwidth and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. w00t!

If you experience any bugs or issues while surfing my site please let me know here.