Acura MDX Gas Mileage: 10 Tanks and Counting

If you follow this site you probably know by now that I love crunching data, especially when it comes to the fuel efficiency of my cars.

In late October of this year my wife and I purchased a 2009 Acura MDX to replace her aging Honda Accord. Obligatory plug: we took delivery via Harper Acura who worked diligently to procure the car from another state and ensure they left us as happy customers. I’ve been going to Harper VW and Harper Acura since 2002ish and they’ve never disappointed me. If you’re in the market give Shannon a call at the Porsche building and he’ll hook you up with the right person.

Just like my TSX, I am tracking every tank of gas that goes into the MDX. Today, I recorded the tenth fill-up in my Excel spreadsheet and the numbers are on par with what I expected from this tankesque SUV.

The average MPGs are coming in at 19.10 with an average fill-up size of 15.13 gallons. The average price per tank is $39.98 with an average of $2.64 per gallon. Total miles tracked is 2,891.40 which equates to $0.13 per mile.

In 2010 I hope to put up more posts like this one so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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