7 Podcasts Worth Listening to Every Day

2015 will go down as the year of the podcast for me. It all started with a recommendation from my friend BC and quickly turned into a daily habit.

For me, podcasts are great fillers for spaces of time when I’m getting ready in the morning or commuting to my next destination. Be it a church sermon or the history of barb wire, my podcast reel always has something interesting ready for download.

Here are 7 podcasts I listen to every day.

Reply All. This podcast can quickly be summed up as a show about the internet. PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman host Reply All covering topics from the most famous dog on Instagram (Marnie) to the mysterious world of the website naming market.

Forest Hill Church. Faith-based content has a long shelf life and that’s a good thing. As you’ll see from this list, I turn to two sources for all things Jesus and one of those is Charlotte-based, Forest Hill Church. I recommend starting with their FaithWorks series.

99% Invisible. Roman Mars (one of the greatest names, ever) hosts a show covering the history of a wide array of topics. My favorite episodes are the Port of Dallas and Devil’s Rope.

EntreLeadership. A Dave Ramsey production, EntreLeadership aims to make you a better leader by covering topics that help, teach and inspire. With over 90 episodes in their catalog, you can get lost in all of the great content but I would encourage you to start with Mark Cuban’s Secrets to Success.

This Is Your Life. Moderated by Michele Cushatt, Michael Hyatt’s podcast is one of my favorite. He’s relevant in all aspects of life but on top of that, he and Michele always have a positive attitude and inspirational tone when hosting the show. Check out Why Is Retirement a Terrible Idea and Making Peace with an Unexpected Life.

TED Radio Hour. If you love TED talks as much as I do then you will love this podcast. Guy Raz follows themes as he sifts through previously hosted TED talks and leads you to answers such as the source of happiness. I highly recommend the Success episode.

Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. You’ve probably heard of Billy Graham but have you heard of Tullian Tchividjian? I hadn’t either but I’m glad a friend turned me on to this podcast. I appreciate those that push the envelope in all aspects of life, including religion, and Tullian does just that.

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