7 Pieces of Gear Perfect for the Beginner Snowboarder

Growing up in a big backyard with a steep incline made for some exciting sled adventures as a kid. Rocking bibbed snow pants and a puffy jacket, I would tuck into my plastic snow rocket and grab some air as I sailed into the neighbors yard. At that age the gear didn’t matter, having fun did.

Today, I’m addicted to anything that glides, carves or sleds across snow. I set a goal to become a better snowboarder this year and with that came the need for warm, comfortable equipment so my time in the mountains would be enjoyable. Here’s a list of snow gear that I used to cruise down the mountain this year.

686 Authentic Smarty Cargo 3-In-1 Pant. These pants are awesome! They’re super comfy, quick to dry and the removable fleece pants keep you extra warm.

Mountain Hardware Torsun Dry.Q Jacket. I’ve had this soft shell jacket for several years and it’s great for long days on the mountain getting blasted by snow blowers or a light rain shower while commuting to the office. Phones, goggles and just about anything else always stay dry when zipped inside the pockets.

Electric EG2.5 Goggles. Electric makes some ginormous goggles so I snagged the EG2.5 for one of their smaller offerings. As a snowboarding newbie, it took me a minute to learn proper goggle use but once I got the hang of it these peeper covers didn’t let me down.

Smith Maze Helmet. This offering from Smith is light, breathable and protects me from the Jerry’s you’ll find on any given mountain.

Burton Clash Snowboard. After renting for much of the season I decided it was time to pull the trigger on my very own board. After scouring reviews and talking to the guys at Alpine Ski Center I settled on the Clash. Good beginner flex matched with edges built with stopping power in mind, I found this to be a forgiving board perfect for my skill level.

Ride Jackson Boots. Toasty, flexible and easy to cinch down courtesy of the Boa system, my Jackson boots were a great purchase this season. For anyone getting into snowboarding this will be your most critical purchase.

Burton Cartel Bindings. This critical snowboard part always drove me crazy on rental boards as they popped loose or came off of my toe as I barreled down the mountain. I spent a little more than I wanted on these Cartel bindings but they proved to be worth every penny as they snugged down and stayed in check even on the longest runs.

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