The Jeep Wave Explained

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“Jeep’s helped Daisy Duke escape Boss Hogg.”

Pass the wave on!

Aerial Video of Oahu Pipeline

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The best surfing video I’ve seen to date. Surfers compete for winter swells on the Oahu pipeline.

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Some cool kid started a trend on Twitter that I’m a huge fan of. #homescreen2014 is a quick way of showcasing the apps that call your iPhone or Android home. Like many others, I’m always looking for new apps to help me make the best of my day-to-day tasks.

Let’s Undeck the Halls with The Killers and Dawes

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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas this year. Let two of my favorite bands, The Killers and Dawes, serenade you as you undeck the halls.

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The kicker for me was the fact that Gates provided a family with a gift that will help them help themselves. It’s easy to give your wealth away but when it’s used in a manner like this, it truly becomes a gift that will keep on giving.

Apple’s Misunderstood Christmas Commercial

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Hands down one of the best Christmas commercials of 2013. Apple plays on the iPhone addiction that most of see when gathered for Christmas festivities.